Women and Entrepreneurship. Female Durability, Persistence and Intuition at Work

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Autor (es): Beatrice Avolio Alecchi and Mirjana Radovic-Markovic


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Fecha de Publicación: 2013


Editorial: Gower Pub Libros


ISBN: 978-1409466185


Resumen: Women and Entrepreneurship comes from two authors with especially rich experience in this field of research. Embracing experience in a range of developed and developing countries and examining both dependent and independent roles, Beatrice Avolio and Mirjana Radovi?-Markovi? profile women entrepreneurs and consider their motivations, together with the obstacles and challenges that they face and often overcome. A focus on emerging forms of entrepreneurship leads to a concentration on what is happening in newly developing economies, with a major case study set in a South American context. The authors deal in particular with how rural entrepreneurship, virtual entrepreneurship, and project-based and home-based businesses particularly lend themselves to providing opportunities for women. The authors’ findings reveal that increased participation of women in business leadership has brought about completely new ways of business communication; new business strategies and company development models; and is imposing a new behavioural style on businesses. What is particularly encouraging is the evidence that female kinds of durability, persistence and intuition are producing business advantage. This means that the authors can clearly identify success factors and propose guidelines for the benefit of female entrepreneurs, female-led businesses, and business in general. This book will serve the needs of an academic audience of researchers in the growing field of studies into entrepreneurship; as well as those teaching or studying business or women’s studies topics. It will of course appeal particularly to women owning and running businesses, or aspiring to do so.Contents: Foreword; Preface; Part I Female Entrepreneurship: Female entrepreneurship: theoretical background; Female entrepreneurship: why do women become entrepreneurs?; Typology of female entrepreneurs; Female entrepreneurship: obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs; Mumpreneurs; Women and inequality problems; Women in managerial jobs. Part II Special Topics on Entrepreneurship: Rural entrepreneurship; Virtual entrepreneurship; Project-based firms; Home-based firms; Index.About the Author: Beatrice Avolio Alecchi is Deputy Director General and Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at CENTRUM Católica in Lima, Peru. She holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, a Doctorate in Business Administration, an M. Phil. from Maastricht School of Management and an MBA from ESAN, Lima. Dr Avolio has co-authored books and written papers and articles on entrepreneurship. Mirjana Radovi?-Markovi? is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Akamai University, in the USA, where she is also Director of Master’s studies. She is a member of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship and of the Institute of Economic Sciences in Serbia. She has degrees and a doctorate in economics, has undertaken multidisciplinary post-doctoral studies in the Netherlands, United States and Russia and has a number of fellowships and honorary degrees.

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