Strategies for the Professional Development of Executive Women

Avolio, B., Alcalá, P., Rurush, M., Vilca, P., & Zelaya, D. (2016). Strategies for the professional development of executive women: Empirical evidence in Latin America. Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education, 3, 45-65. [Published: 2016]



Autor(es): Avolio, Beatrice; Alcalá, Patty; Rurush, Mónica; Vilca, Pedro; Zelaya, David.


Abstract: This study identifies the main strategies used by women in order to accessexecutive positions and to increase their professional development using the LatinAmerican case. The study was conducted with 20 women executives who work inlarge companies in Lima, Peru. The analysis in the Latin American context addsmore empirical information with regard to the executive women in a context that isnot studied in depth so far. It is important to analyze Latin America because thereare inequities in the use of time by men and women, mainly in the case of theunpaid productive work, since the unpaid work activities are mainly designated towomen.The results show that the executive women seem to identify the developmentstrategies that were proposed according to the theoretical basis of this study. Theresults also show that the main strategies that executive women use are:networking; the support of a leader who guides the development process and isconsidered as a reference; education; and the overall experience. In addition,other identified strategies were the development of specific skills and competencesfor the activity, the search for a challenging work, making important decisions with determination, the “hard work”, and the passion for what they do. In all cases, therespondents’ innate leadership prevailed and they were willing to accept personaland work challenges which would allow them to grow professionally during theirpersonal and work experience.

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